I used to Blog

I feel/know, I haven’t blogged in a while. The summer has been a blur. Work was very busy, a friends wedding that wasn’t, vacation, and honestly, a lot of great intentions of posting that I didn’t get around to.

A quick recap; I did a little canning, ate delicious tomatoes from my garden, waited patiently for my fig tree to bear fruit, made 2 types of lemon chess pie that were quickly devoured at a fire pit/beer party/pig roast, drank lots of rose and had a pretty good summer.

Fall is here, so soups and heartier things will abound, along with working on more Gluten Free recipes ( lucky me, I found out I have a wheat allergy), and maybe a little talking about exercise and eating well.


Picture 027

Grilled okra, surprisingly delicious and easy

Picture 018

Lovely beets to be roasted for refrigerator pickled beets

Picture 020

Sungolds from the garden, we had so many

Picture 022

fresh corn, sungolds, tomatoes and basil for a picnic salad

Picture 023

first try at canning peaches, peaches from Carter Mountain orchard (Thanks Jess!)

Picture 024

2 types of lemon chess pie

Picture 025

a quick beach vacation

Picture 026

Figs! from my very own fig tree

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