Citrus Beet Salad with Feta

This weeks salad, brought to you by the letter “B” for beets. I can say it is only recently that I have learned to like beets, but now, roasted beets are a regular occurrence on salads, and I have been researching a few pickled beet recipes.

Citrus Beet Salad with Feta


1 bunch beets, washed, peeled and quartered (reserve the beet tops for another salad)

1-2 tablespoons coconut oil

2 lemons, zested and juiced (or an orange)

salt and pepper to taste

feta – I used Lovers Retreat Feta from our harvest box

Bibb lettuce



Melt coconut oil and add 1/2 the zest to it. Toss beets with coconut oil, salt and pepper. Roast at 400 for approximately 15 minutes, stir, roast 15-20 minutes longer until beets are tender

Let them cool, toss with the lemon or orange juice and remainder of the zest, serve with crumbled feta over lettuce (I used lovely bibb lettuce from our harvest box)

Serve and enjoy! You should also roast more beets and store them for salads that week.

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