New Blog Look, 30 Day Challenge Wrap Up and Blooger Meetup

With the help of a friend, I have moved my blog and I am working on making some changes. I am looking forward to a new design (not sure which one) and a a new “streamlined” look.

Now on to the posts I have been meaning to write;

30 Day Vegan Challenge Wrap- Up

I complete my 30 day challenge on January 30th, and thought I would promptly gorge myself on cheese and maybe have a piece of fish, but I didn’t. In fact, I had yogurt for breakfast, a little tuna tartar at a Virginia is for Bloggers  meetup (more on that in a moment) and for the next few days, aside from yogurt, I pretty much ate vegan.

I realize I do feel better when I eat less dairy, but I know that I will have a hard time maintaining a completely vegan lifestyle. I did come across a lot of great recipes, learned how to make seitan (post coming soon), and may need a break from soy all together.

photoMore Tofu  Picture 036

Picture 035Picture 038 Picture 037

 typical breakfast coconut yogurt, lunch of salads, quinoa, sweets potatoes, oatmeal with PB2, raisins and persimmon, General Tso’s tofu, Seitan, chickpea sweet potato burgers with kale, spinach, roasted pepper, mushroom salad (Thanks Brittany, Eating Bird Food).

Virgina is for Bloggers Meetup at The Tobacco Company


Shannon from Thirsty Richmond arranged for the leadies and gents to catch up at the Tobacco Company last week for snacks and drinks in the lovely Victorian Room.

Blue Champagne, macaroons, snacks, foodie talk and lots of fun

IMG_2004 IMG_2003 IMG_2002

Next Post will be – Kale and White bean Soup with Polenta bread from

Sub Rosa Bakery

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