Healthy Cooking Demo & Online Grocery Shopping

Last week, January 10th, Relay Foods hosted a “Healthy Cooking Demo”, along with Virginia is for Bloggers, at Kitchen Thyme with Chef Tammy Brawley of The Green Kitchen. 

Using recipes and groceries from Relay, Chef Tammy prepared  delicious dishes and offered a few helpful hints. Did you know that getting a paper towel damp and placing it over a cut avocado will keep it from turning brown?

We started off with the Relay “ABC” Juicing kit. Apples, Beets and Carrots all bagged up and ready for your juicer

Then on to the Carrot Pineapple Muffins – Another tip from Chef Tammy; Do not spray your non stick spray with alcohol on your bake-ware, the alcohol will ruin the finish. I use a refillable non stick spray container  (like this one) or of course you could use butter.

 Baked Kale Chips

Lentil, Olive and Mushroom Veggie Burgers and a Radish Avocado Salad with Fresh Cilantro
The burgers were delicious and will be on the menu at my house soon (Love the olives) and the salad was crisp and refreshing with Tricycle Gardens kale and hydro lettuce

Mustard Greens with Creamy Mustard Sauce ( I didn’t taste this because of the cream) I did snag a bite of the raw mustard greens and they were peppery and delicious) 

You can checkout all that Relay has to offer and get 1/2 off with coupon code “VABLOG” 
($25 off of a $50 Relay purchase)

I took advantage of this deal and ordered a few things (including the yummy kale to make kale salad) and picked them up last night. Thanks to Justin at my pick up location for all of his help!

 Check the Relay site for pick up locations near you and if you are eligible for home delivery, that’s right, you can order online and have groceries delivered!

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