30 Day Vegan Challenge

In December (2012), I started, like most people thinking about the past year and how the new year would be full of opportunities and possibilities. I also thought about food, big surprise, and that I was in a bit of a rut with cooking and eating, so of course, what better way to get out of a rut than to challenge myself to eating vegan for 30 days!. I did this for 7 days in May (see here) and learned a few things, but how would 30 days go?

Well, as i write this I am on day 13. It has gone well but I have learned a few things;

  1. pack lunch! On days that I am at work I have to pack lunches and snacks. Grabbing a quick bite (that doesn’t cost a fortune) is next to impossible. 
  2. I do not like coconut “yogurt”, I prefer the soy yogurt and Trader Joe’s seems to be the least expensive place to find it. 
  3. I cannot walk out of Whole Foods or Ellwoods for less than $30. This actually isn’t much different  than before. 
  4. I miss cheese, and butter. Earth Balance is good, but it is not butter
  5. I need seitan and tempeh cooking lessons
  6. I will more than likely cheat next Saturday when we go out for our anniversary. We are going out to dinner with friends and I know that there will be quite a few things I want to try. I will promptly be back on the wagon the following morning. 
  7. Menu planning is key. If I didn’t spend a little time on Sundays planning, I would end up eating a lot of carbs (much like when I first gave up meat over 20 years ago)
Breakfast has been the easiest meal with soy yogurt and cereal, toast with peanut butter, pro oats (steel cut oats with hemp protein and fruit), and tofu scrambles on the weekend.  

 those are dates in the picture 

 the yogurt i am not to fond of 

Lunches have been easy (when I remember), salads with quinoa, leftovers, and the occasional trip to Ellwoods, and an delicious yet “should have read the sodium and fat content trip to Noodles and Co. 

 delicious noodle bowl,should have eaten 1/2

salad with quinoa, power greens and sweet potatoes and left over collards and black eyed peas

Dinner has been a lot of new recipes, Roasted Butternut Alfredo from Post Punk Kitchen (I will do aother post about this because I really liked it) , Vegan Pho soup using Pacific Soup Starters , General Tso’s Tofu , and a lot of “throw leftover veg into pasta or rice” combo’s.

I tip my hat to those folks that are vegans all of the time, it isn’t easy. Google has been my go to resource for recipes, along with ideas on how to sub ingredients to make dishes vegan. Now, off to meal plan for the week and think about cheese.

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