A Mishmosh Post and a Giveaway!

So I was going to write a whole post on Steve’s homebrewing adventures (3 beers so far, IPA, American Pale Ale and White House Honey Porter), and then he (Steve) sent me this post from Kitchen Bitch and I think she has summed it up nicely.

I will post pictures on my Facebook of some of the brews when they are ready to pour. 

I recently received and email from Red Gold Tomatoes  PR firm asking if I would be interested in trying their products and possibly writing about them as well as a contest. So here is the contest, the 2nd person to comment on this post will receive a few cans of Red Gold tomatoes ( I will ship them after the holidays). 
“A background, Red Gold has been around since the 1940s focused on growing local in the Midwest where true seasons impact the flavor of tomatoes. The Midwest, while it’s cold in the winter, has the perfect growing season for tomatoes, perfect angle of the sun, perfect temps — and even the winter is good for tomatoes, as it breaks up the soil for tiny root systems.

Red Gold grows its tomatoes in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.”
I have tried their tomatoes, using the diced as well as the diced with basil garlic and tomato in spaghetti sauce and the diced and diced with green chilis added in my vegetarian chili.

We did not have a big fancy Christmas Dinner, Steve and I went to the movies to see “
Lincoln” and had Chinese at Full Key. We opted to have family over on Christmas eve for brunch (and mimosas).
Eggs Benedict and Homemade Hollandaise with steamed asparagus and veggie sausage for me and ham for everyone else. Brunch was served on my Christmas china (purchased by my grandmother for me when i was 7)
It made the day very relaxing and after eating and opening gifts, we settled on the couch to watch ” The King’s Speech” and relax.  By far and excellent Holiday weekend.

Happy Holidays to everyone, and may the New Year bring delicious eats and good health to you.

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