Wrapping up Summer; Wine Dinners and Key Lime Pie

A Vegetarian Wine Dinner does not come along often, so I was so excited that Arcadia was offering one.

I arrived a little early and started the evening with a Pimms Cup
Menu for the evening

 I must say I was so busy enjoying my food I did not do a great job in writing down the wine pairings. However, Brittany at Eating Bird Food did (also check out her blog for great healthy recipes and tips). She also took beautiful pictures (which reminds me I need to bring my camera to dinners). Like a lot of the diners, I am hoping that the Eggplant and Goat Cheese Lasagna make it to the menu or at least as a special. It was light, delicious and so tasty. The Fava Bean Mousse In Cucumber Cups was delicious and the opening dish, Roasted Sweet Yellow Corn and Basil Puree with Grilled Baby Squash & Fried Blossoms was my second favorite. With such a great turn out I am looking forward to another wine or beer dinner featuring vegetarian options (hint, hint RVA restaurants)

Now for Key Lime Pie – 

We were in invited to a friends house for an end of the summer Labor Day cookout/housewarming. I was thinking a peach cobbler or crumble, but key lime seemed a little more “summery”.

  If you can find real key limes (I found mine at Fresh market) it’s worth the extra time to squeeze/juice them yourself. If not, there are several bottled options, I like Nellie and Joe’s.

I found this recipe that uses egg whites to lighten up the pie, I used reduced fat condensed milk (yes it exists), and only half the sugar in the crust.

Recipe here – Key Lime Pie ( a little healthier?)

squeezing lots of little limes

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