Tofu, Tofu, Tofu

Soon my blog may be changed to “VeggieGirlCooks Tofu”. I have a serious Twin Oaks Tofu problem. It is my favorite “extra firm” tofu. You don’t have to press it, the price is comparable with other national brands and I have recently tried their seasoned tofu (Spicy Thai), and really like it as well.

Over the weekend after hanging out with a friend and checking out the Richmond Vegetarian Festival (where there was more tofu), we grilled out at home. I have had grilled tofu, but have never made it myself. Google to the rescue! And the SoyFoods Association of North America ( I had no idea?).

Thai Tofu Kabobs, made with Twin Oaks Tofu

(the only change I made was I did not use the cucumber)

a little grilled corn and squash on the side

I would like to also state, I am the worst food blogger. I did mange to eat some tasty treats (namely the El Presidente- soy chorizo, avocado, cilantro and jade sauce from Rooster Cart) at the Vegetarian Festival, but neglected to take a single photo. However, my fellow Virginia Blogger, I Heart Vegetables, did remember to take pictures, so please head over to her site and check it out!

Also paid a visit to Hardywood Brewery on Saturday. I could do a whole post on it, but for now, I will share a picture of the delicious Singel (their Belgian Style Blonds Ale) that was infused with fresh local strawberries  

If you have the chance, check out their Hoplar as well. Great summertime IPA.
 Finally, I got my Foodie Pen Pal Package last week!More on that this weekend. Hope everyone is enjoying summer as much as I am.

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