Half way through

So I am over half way through my 7 day vegan “challenge”. It has really been much easier than I thought (aside from a near slip involving a Butterfinger). We went to Mekong last night for Steve’s Birthday, I had the tofu rice vermicelli bowl and a fresh spring roll, which is what I would normally order, just no nuac mam. Spiced it up with a little peanut sauce with chili paste and it was delicious as usual. I feel like Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, pretty much any Asian cuisine, tend to have more vegan/vegetarian options so eating out was relativity smooth sailing.

I have made it though this week without cheese and dairy substitutes, with the exception of almond milk, concentrating on preparing meals and snacks at home for work. One big positive of this has been a 3 pound weight loss, and the acid reflux I have on occasion has not been an issue at all. I have also gone back to no artificial sweeteners or diet soda, using stevia in my coffee and ice tea (which has almost eliminated caffeine for me after lunch).

So with 3 more days to go I am deciding how many aspects of this I can incorporate into my everyday diet.

One thought on “Half way through

  1. Oh I always get the rice vermicelli bowl with a fresh spring roll from Mekong too! It's so delicious and fresh… And I'm going to try adding the chili sauce next time, I've never tried that before and I do love extra spicy stuff.

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