Kale, Eating out and Gin

This post is a bit of a hodgepodge. I have been cooking a lot at home, but it has been simple food (and I keep forgetting to take pictures). I have also been meeting friends every few weeks for drinks and a bite at local restaurants; BlowToad for amazing coal fired pizza, craft beers and a delicious drink called Twice Smitten and Balliceaux for truffle fries and a wonderful cheese plate.

Amazing birthday dinner was had with my mom in Washington, D.C. at Jaleo  for our collective birthdays in February, pictures here. If you have a chance to eat there I highly recommend it, the staff was excellent, the food exceptional.

On the home front, simple fresh food, soups, beans and rice, and a favorite last nite, Kale with sauteed mushrooms and brown rice topped off with an egg. I adapted the recipe from Erin’s Food Files (which was from a Gwyneth Paltrow recipe). I added mushrooms and used a regular Spanish onion. beautiful purple kale and crimini mushrooms from Ellwood’s

Now onto important matters, like Hendrick’s Gin. I know, everyone thinks gin tastes like pine needles, but I disagree, especially Hendricks. There is a floral note to this gin, made even more delicious when mixed with St. Germain liqueur (or chilled with a slice of English cucumber). Seems like a few places around town are mixing up Hendrick’s cocktails, and I am anxious to try them all.

Twice Smitten from Blowtoad

Upcoming will be a few adventures into vegan cooking including chick pea sweet potato burgers, spicy soba noodles, and granola bars.

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