So much to say

I have been intending to wrap up my thoughts on the  $4.23 a day Challenge, but the normal day to day obligations and work have gotten in the way.

First, as a household, the menu planning has really been helpful. Cooking a big pot of soup, stew, chili on a Sunday when there is plenty of time, makes at least 2 meals that week a no-brainer and we have been eating leftovers more often  (however Valentines day and my birthday were not helpful in budgeting). As a household, we still need to work on a stricter budget overall. Better budgeting at the grocery store is still a work in progress, but I feel that the experience has made an impression.

Having to live on a SNAP (food stamp) budget everyday has to be extremely difficult, at times frustrating. I am currently working on a few ideas with friends on how to reach out to people on a strict budget about healthy meal planning and cooking.

Secondly, I was planning on addressing the conversation I had with Suzie from Farm 2 Family about their stores commitment to healthy eating, especially for individuals who may not have access to affordable fresh foods. The store does accept EBT/SNAP, they do work with individuals who volunteer at the store to receive a discount on good purchased at the store, and on occasion they take their farm bus out to “food deserts” to offer fresh produce and meats.
My personal opinion aside, Mark and Suzie seem to be committed to providing healthy fresh foods to the Richmond Community through their store and CSA program (which extends to a program in Washington, DC).

I encourage everyone to think about what they are eating, how much they spend, and look at making a donation to your local food bank, or contacting a community kitchen that provides services to those in need. A few dollars can go a long way.

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