Nearing the End

Well, its Day 4 of the $4.23 a day challenge (Day 5 for Ellen and family). I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from people on Twitter and Facebook and hoping that I have gotten people to think, just a little.

For me, planning a menu, shopping on a strict budget and utilizing leftovers has really made me think about how much food we waste, and how quickly I will pick up a “healthy” frozen meal for lunch when I could have saved a few dollar and packed leftovers. There is a time and place for convenience foods, and I am not saying I have had an epiphany and will never again east a frozen dinner. I will think about saving myself a few dollars and “brown bagging it” (actually I have a reusable lunch bag I take) with leftovers more often. Also at Steve’s request, cooking a few things on a Sunday (or when I have a little extra time) that will stretch throughout the week.

Check out the updated budget for Erica and Christina I have posted, and you can know follow me on Facebook as well as Twitter.

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