$4.23 day- Day 1

Menu planning, grocery shopping, budgeting, coupon clipping… Whew! As I have stated previously, this is an exercise  in understanding how 43.6 million people live daily, budgeting every meal, looking for sales, planning. Another element to this was to show that you can make healthy, homemade
meals with little to no convenience foods on this tight budget. As far
as I can tell, we have all accomplished that.

I will post the budgets for each dinner and the breakfast/lunch grocery
costs tomorrow for Ellen, Christina (newcomer) Steve and I (I am working on Erica and Christina’s budgets and menus) also recipes. 
As you will see, everyone has designed their budget and menu to meet the
needs of their households. You can follow tweets about menus, progress,
etc by searching for #423challenge. I will also feature a guest post from Ellen’s teenage daughter about her experiences.

Ellen M and her family have already started, their week will run Sunday 1/22 – through Thursday 1/26. Before I had even written the first menu item down, Ellen had sent her menu, budget, and recipes to me (she is obviously a great planner, and managed to come in under budget!).

Ellen M’s and Family (2 adults and 1 teen) $63.45
Steve and I (+ B for 1.5 days) $48.65
Erica and her husband $42.30
Christina – $21.15

Click here to see Menus and budgets 

3 thoughts on “$4.23 day- Day 1

  1. It's a good challenge for people who are more budget-conscious, though I'm sure convenience foods are a lot easier to avoid when you can make multiple trips to the grocery store. And you can still eat fairly healthy foods with a long shelf life, but fresh ingredients aren't always a possibility for everyone even if they can be found cheaply.

  2. We were able to eat salad, baked sweet potatoes, frozen veggies (which at times are healthier than fresh b/c they are not sitting in the produce section losing vitamins)and do 1 trip to the store. Just a little budgeting and pre-planning.More of an exercise in understanding

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